DHC’s innovative solutions have been designed specifically to help healthcare professionals and laboratories to reduce down time, lower operating costs and enhance security by encouraging a digital ecosystem.

The DHC Signature Line is engineered to out-perform, out-compute, and outdo the competition. These systems are hand-built to exacting specification by DHC to ensure the best possible performance for any CAD/CAM workload.

By utilizing the latest in CPU and GPU technology we’ve designed these systems from the ground-up to be able to handle many simultaneous, compute-intensive workloads. The parallel computing capabilities of these systems allow them to perform at an unprecedented level meaning you can do more in less time than you ever thought possible. Each Signature Line system is built with advanced liquid cooling technology to help keep your system performing at peak efficiency and extend system life.

Each Signature line system ships VR-Ready to ensure that your digital ecosystem is truly future ready.

Other options for these systems include custom branding, and DHC’s professional hardware tuning service.

Like all DHC products, The Signature line is hand built to order and available in a variety of form factors including Compact-Node, Tower, and Laptops.

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